Point of YOU – Faces
Point of YOU – FacesPoint of YOU – FacesPoint of YOU – Faces

Points of You – Faces
(Anglų k.)

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New game, new magic!

A powerful way to get to know ourselves through the observation of others.

Produkto aprašymas

Faces is all about people and the way we reflect one another.

Faces helps us to get to know our significant others from new perspectives; it raises questions regarding our relationships and the parts we choose to take in them.

The idea behind Faces began in a quiet moment we experienced on one of our desert retreats.

It’s interesting that from solitude and silence a game was born that deals purely, with people. We decided to create a direct and powerful tool that would allow us to look at ourselves straight in the eyes.

It look a few years and unimaginable amounts of thought and work, and now it is here.

Please meet… Faces


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(Anglų k.)”