“Points of You” The Coaching Game 

Its ability to enhance processes of thought and communication ,make it a practical tool for use by life & business coaches, trainers, therapists, managers, psychologists, counselors, group leaders and more. It can be used solo, one-on-one, small group or in a group of 100+, easily adaptable to any objective or topic.

At eye level, user friendly and aesthetically pleasing, it presents 65 common concepts and suggests countless fascinating interpretations - straightforward or abstract, direct or creative, together creating surprising contexts and marking out new paths.

The Coaching Game kit contains 65 cards, 165 page full-color book, a process layout chart and focus notes. 


The Punctum game allows us to deal with various issues in our lives in a slightly different way - hands-on, playful and colorful, and at the same time powerful and surprising in its results. Whether at a social gathering, staff meeting, teambuilding session, on a date or family meal - The Punctum game makes for a meaningful and inspiring encounter, with ourselves and with others.



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